Useful Tools for Prior Learning Validation

Competence Cards

Competence cards allow flexibility and a practical orientation with a strong visual component that helps bridging communication and interaction gaps for validation of prior learning, as well as linguistic and cultural barriers in the case of migrants. They can be customized to both migrants’ and counselors’ needs, and are compatible with different target groups.


Competence Cards,
by Bertelsmann Stiftung


Competence Game, by the  Danish
Association for Adult Education

IT Support

Online and computerised tests and skills tools can be a great support for validation, guidance and provision of skill-specific training, fostering their implementation in all kinds of environments thanks to the availability of online platforms and apps. Some of them also allow the creation of networks of newcomers that help them deal with daily life in their host country.


by Bertelsmann Stiftung


Mygrants, a web application for migrants

Video Clips

A good complement to competence cards are video clips illustrating specific tasks or describing jobs and the skills needed to carry them out. They are a powerful tool for trainees to guess and write down the competences that a potential worker has taking the video as a basis for it. For example, this repository by the Flemish government (in Dutch) features a series of videos for this purpose.

Other Initiatives Supporting Guidance under EU Funding


EU Policy Support

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