BRIDGE+ in conversation with European stakeholders

The BRIDGE+ conference gathered key experts from the European level and from European regions, providing insights into the ongoing revision of the European Adult Education Agenda, a priority-to-be for the upcoming Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, and skills policies. BRIDGE+ results are a base for discussion, looking into a digital future of education and career guidance.

There is a high demand for more flexible and higher-level skills of individuals. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis have accelerated this trend and brought new challenges to the education sector and the labour market, as well as made evident the urgent need for a green and digital transition. Regional policies need to react to these changes and provide high quality solutions in the field of education, training and career guidance. Innovative policy approaches are needed to help bridge the gap and contribute to a more dynamic and sustainable European education, training and labour market. The BRIDGE+ project has devoted efforts to initiate future skills initiatives including the involvement of the education and career guidance sectors. Among other things, digitalisation processes have been fostered with a strong support of regional and local authorities and all stakeholders involved in territorial skills strategies.

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