Useful Documents

🆕 Self-Assessment Sheet

The self-assessment sheet provides a tool to identify, analyse and develop regional skills development groups. If offers the possibility of a simply, quickly and clearly recording concerning the essential elements and conditions of a region in order to derive the best possible strategies and procedures.

National survey (report)

This document aims at covering the state of play in national policies, framework conditions, main target groups and other general tendencies related to the use of competence balancing and skills management. The regional context comes into view by describing case studies, highlighting the contextualisation and implementation of the national policy in ‘real’ activities.

  • Author: Kees Schuur and Ruud Duvekot, Foundation EC-VPL
  • Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme

Policy paper

This policy paper summarises main recommendations on how to start regional skills development initiatives with regional communication, cooperation and coordination (CoCoCo) groups at the centre.

  • Author: STVG
  • Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme

Instruments for Regional Skills Development Groups

This documents gathers regional initiatives that enable the establishment of regional skills development group in four European regions: Basque Country, Jämtland, Styria and Baden-Württemberg.

  • Author: Victor Arias (Tknika, Basque Country), Magnus Anderson & Coll. (Jämtland), Peter Härtel & Michaela Marterer (STVG, Styria), Andrea Bernert-Bürkle & Rolf Ackermann (Baden-Württemberg)
  • Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme

Development of companies’ working methods with skills supply planning

The business structure in Jämtland and Härjedalen is mostly SME-based, and it is not common for SMEs to count on in-house Human Relations (HR) skills services. In order to support these companies, IUC Z-GROUP has implemented a development program from October 2019 to June 2020 in 5 participating companies, with the aim of creating a structure, a process in HR work, and also adding knowledge within the area of HR.

Curriculum for company training on the role and use of skills management concepts and technology

The Swedish BRIDGE+ partner IUC-Z-GROUP has developed a concept of company-based workshops and coaching sessions for SMEs with the aim to help them become aware of their short-, medium- and long-term human resource and skill needs.

Scenario for the BRIDGE+ training OLE

In this course, worklife guidance professionals will enrich their knowledge and develop competences in the following areas:

  • The role of worklife guidance professionals in coping with the impact of new technologies on their work delivering worklife guidance within companies.
  • How to select and use new technology on processes, methods, and tools in their work.
  • Approaching companies and building up cooperation on worklife guidance.
  • Processes and methods linked to work/life guidance.
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